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CLL FIRM, LLC Provides All Types of Businesses With Complete
Cashless ATM Services

Your Customers Can Use PIN Debit and Credit Cards To Buy Products and Services From Your Business With The Proceeds Electronically Transferred To The Account Of Your Choice.

A SOLUTION that bypasses the VISA MasterCard network by processing through the ATM network called "Point of Banking" or "Cashless ATM".

Due to restrictions regulated by VISA and MasterCard, medical marijuana dispensaries and other businesses around the country are unable to get merchant accounts and to accept debit and credit card payments.

Cashless ATM System Benefits

  • No Account Fees
  • No Transaction Cost To Merchant
  • Funds Deposited In 24-48 Hours
  • Reduces The Risk Of Cash Transactions
  • Increase Sales 20% To 30%

CLL Firm Offers A Solution For The Cannabis Industry

The registration process is quick & painless. Most USA based merchants are approved.

Unlike some of the past processors offering this service, the processing banks are fully aware the service is being provided to Marijuana Dispensaries. They have been successfully offering this service for over 6 years.

Our Cashless ATM Proprietary Point of Banking System makes it possible for customers to pay for your services and goods using their PIN credit cards and debit cards with no cash being transferred. The card charges are recorded as withdrawals, without specifying what the money is used to purchase. These funds are then used to pay businesses for their products and services.

The sale is essentially processed through the ATM network – Tracking it as a cash transaction. However, unlike traditional credit card processing accounts, the point of banking system does not charge the proprietor any fees. A predetermined surcharge is paid by the customer during each transaction much like a traditional ATM.

A point of banking system functions in a similar manner to a traditional ATM however the transaction is completely electronic and a receipt is provided instead of cash confirming that cash has been debited from the consumer’s bank account and directly deposited into the merchant’s bank account.

Cashless ATM Solutions

In addition to being able to take credit card payments the Cashless ATM system also solves other challenges faced by medical marijuana and other cash based business owners:

  • Paying employees in cash
  • Purchasing money orders for buying supplies and paying bills
  • Less cash transactions lower crime threats like break-ins, robbery and assault
  • No ATM maintenance & cash requirements

Cashless ATM Additional Benefits

  • Has been shown to increase in store traffic
  • Impulse buying with increased sales of 20% to 30%
  • No credit card fees
  • Convenient for customer - no need to carry large amounts of cash
  • Customer has ability to increase size of order

Cashless ATM Systems - Easy to Apply and Easy to Accept

Complete, sign, and submit the merchant agreement and ACH authorization forms.

Once approved, we will program and ship your terminal.

This is a plug and process payment processing solution. Simply plug the terminal into a power source and the appropriate internet terminal and you are ready to accept payments.

The consumer swipes their card, follows the on-screen prompts, and enters the 4-digit pin number to complete the sale.

Cashless ATM Facts & Benefits

Domestic merchants are guaranteed approval and will avoid the hassle of providing overwhelming personal and financial information typically associated with the application process for a credit card merchant account.

  • Card present pin-based transactions effectively eliminate charge-backs or the chance of fraudulent transactions.
  • Eliminates the need for a standing ATM and the maintenance & cash risks that accompany it.
  • Unlike a traditional merchant account, there are no discount rates or fees for every Cashless ATM transaction. The Cashless ATM transaction cost is charged to the consumer in the form of a convenience fee saving the merchant hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every month.
  • There is peace of mind and sense of security for both merchant and consumer as these cash transactions are handled in a cashless manner.
  • Transactions are discreet. Shown as ATM withdrawals on consumer banking statements
  • A perfect solution for merchants who cannot obtain a credit card merchant account because of credit, business type, TMF/MATCH listing, or other related issues.
  • All terminals have full, real-time reporting capabilities.
  • Full back-end support and assistance.
  • All terminals come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Money clears in the merchant’s choice of bank account within 48 hours.

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